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General Hospital Season 52 Episode 66 : #13092
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Title:General Hospital
Genre: Drama, Soap
Air Date: 2014-07-02
Season Number: 52
Episodes Number: 66
Overview: Rafe listens in as Sam, Patrick, Silas and Kiki realize he must have been the person driving the car. Silas wants to talk to him first before anyone confronts him. Patrick wants to be there though. When Nina and Rosalie show up Kiki tells them there is a crisis involving Rafe. Rafe runs off. Dante and Olivia learn from Patrick that they found the other driver in the accident and it was Rafe. Dante calls in an APB. Molly and TJ are in the park to watch the fireworks where she admits that she isn’t ready to go back to her mom’s house yet. Molly also tells him about Rafe’s visit, and that he apologized for they way he behaved. After TJ tells her that he saw Rafe taking coke she leaves to go talk to Silas. Ned meets with Alexis and tells her he’s sorry to hear about what happened to Ric. Ned gives her Tracy and Luke’s annulment papers. Tracy threatens Alice while she is on the phone with Michael and Alice ends up collapsing. Michael and Morgan leave the Brownstone after hearing about what has happened to Alice. Nathan ends up being cuffed to Maxie and the key goes missing. Tracy tells Morgan and Michael that she just found Alice on the floor and Morgan performs CPR on her. Alice is rushed to the hospital. Nina is furious about Silas’ situation. Rafe shows up and listens in and can see Nina is up and about. Nina thinks that they need to help each other after he confronts her and she offers him $500 to leave and keep her secret. Dante and the police show up at the apartment.


Benjamin Black

The quality of the film was excellent with the free account, but I love the movie!

Virgil Gonzales

It is great for the first two thirds but then things get a little lengthy. But it has a great ending!

Louise Christensen

I honestly have no idea why people hate this movie so much. It is not exceptional, but it was okay. Great Quality btw...

Leslie Mitchell

Bhoooo .. I do not like it at all


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